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Harmony Nation Festival - Visit to Hansei Violin Workshop

2016-09-27 05:06

Last Saturday, we visited Hansei University, where preparations for Harmony Nation Festival is hotly underway! We were able to see the children working hard in the violin workshop.

Though they may not be masters of note reading, they are experts in hard work and being adorable ^.^

Please come see them at the Harmony Nation Festival in January 14 (Sat), 2017!!!



Harmony Nation Orchestra Program:

Not only is it a program for music education, but also it is an initiative founded from philosophical intentions of multitudinously nuanced educational benefits. Most up-to-date education technology for orchestra activities and programs are implemented to teach children about communication and collaboration.

Every year, the Harmony Nation Festival is held to showcase all that the children have learned and mastered, that they may share their accomplishments with the audience!


Click here for last year's Festival!
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