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UN Orchestra Tours in Korea

2016-10-31 00:49


From October 22nd to 27th, the UN Orchestra visited South Korea for a week to share music of harmony and peace. Starting in Sejong Center for Performing Arts and moving to Kyung Hee University Grand Peace Palace, Gwangju Asia Culture Center, Busan Geungjung Culture Center, and then finally to DMZ Dorasan Peace Park, UN Orchestra gave a "Peace Concert" each in five different historic venues across the country.

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The music travelled far and wide throughout the currently divided Korean peninsula in message of peace and harmony that soothes much of the national pain. Special philosophical highlight was the performance of 'Arirang,' a highly culturally significant folk song shared by both Koreas since the centuries past. Moreover, concert in DMZ became an opportunity connect the moving hearts of our peace performers in the orchestra and the audience alike. This was UN Orchestra's first ever visit to Asia, and we received them with thunderous applause and warm receptions.

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We, Music For One Foundation, are so fortunate to be able to host them throughout their trip, and we hope to continue to bring messages of peace through music as stepping stones to reconciliation and reunification. Thank you to everyone who gave in all their supports and thoughts for this series of peace concerts!
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