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[November Letter From Tanzania] Scholarship awarding ceremony and visiting KCOC volunteers

Last month, there were two great events in Tanzanian Branch.

One was the Scholarship Award Ceremony, and the other was KCOC volunteer members visiting our facility.

First, we will tell you all about the Scholarship Award Ceremony for SMMUCo(Stefano Moshi Memorial University College)~


1. Tanzanian Music College SMMUCo(Stefano Moshi Memorial University College) Scholarship Award Ceremony

Last month, we handed over scholarships to TUMA(Tumaini University Makumira),

and this month, we awarded scholarships to three university students at SMMUCo(Stefano Moshi Memorial University College).


Scholarship student Gabriel Mungure could not pay the tuition due to his financially challenged circumstances,

and almost gave up his studies.

But, the professors at SMMUCo recommended him to us, and he can now continue his studies with Music for One Foundation’s full scholarship for a year.


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2. KCOC NGO Members Visit to Our Facility

Eight members of KCOC NGO have visited Tanzanian Branch Moshi Center.

The members of KCOC NGO have been working for United Help for International Children,

Good Neighbors, Korea Food for the Hungry International and Heart to Heart Foundation,

and their visit was a part of the cooperative facility visit project.


KCOC volunteers visited Music for One Foundation to learn about the on-going projects of the foundation,

and discussed and shared ideas on how international developments are being promoted through art education and the effect of art education on international development.  

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It truly was a precious time to determine the present and future of cultural art development and

cooperation through exciting and in-depth discussions with KCOC members.


We invite all of you to participate as well so that more culturally alienated students in Tanzania can receive art education!



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