Music for One Foundation

AYCO members completes the December 4thconcertat KBS hall in Seoul. This marks AYCO’s international debut in Asia. Here, we have a story about one of AYCO member on growing passion and friendship… linking bridges to 10 Asian nations and Korea…


1. How did we get sponsored and how did we participate in AYCO?

Hello, we are a team from Brunei who participated in AYCO festival in Seoul. Our team members tried to search a sponsor that supports us to get traditional costumes. Therefore, we approach a local radio Disc Jockey for help…Dj Daffy of Kristal FM, who is a musician himself, suggested seek for sponsors (local businesses) for participating AYCO in Korea which was a beneficial event for youth and cultural arts exchange. As a start, he introduced us to a very willing SPONSOR 1 – Kern& Hani Dream Wedding who provided the participant with TWO TRADITIONAL COSTUMES (SONGKET) each to be worn during the auspicious event. By 14th Nov, Siti searchedthrough Facebook &Instagrams shops then sent numerous emails. To our surprise, we received generous feedback from two shops! Street Brigade Clothing Co. supported Cap, Tshirt, Long Sleeves Tshirt & Jacket; thenMyieshaFaliha Boutique supported Maxi Dress, Scarves, Socks& Gloves. With the goal of the sponsorship as to support local youth, ease of their travel & in return, the participantshave highly publicized their personal social network accounts. We would sincerely thank our sponsors for their generous support throughout this journey. Without these sponsors, it was not possible for us to make the trip and to contribute and share our talents for promoting our culture before the international audience. For that we are humbled by their kindness & sincerity.
- AzrinaBintiHidup, SitiHidayah Haji Shadoon from Brunei


2. A letter from CheziaAtamdja in Indonesia

Chezia is a great singer who has a beautiful voice and she participated in AYCO as a soprano. She sent us a written letter or her time in Korea and sharing new friendships with the participating members of AYCO. We wish their friendship lasts forever and AYCO becomes a symbol of harmony between Korea and 10 ASEAN nations.

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