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4. 2015 the 3rd HarmonyNation Music Festival


<2015 the 3rd HarmonyNation Music Festival>

100 HarmonyNation children musicians have developed their musical skill in the past year and now its time for the curtain to rise and share their talents with the community.
Join us for the celebration of the 3rd HarmonyNation Music Festival at Yongsan Art Hall.

Date: 7th Feb. 2014 Sat. 3 P.M.
Place: Yongsan Art Hall, Grand Theatre, [Mir]
Ticket: 02-725-3342 /

Little Ensemble Suite No. 2
London Bridge&Working in the Railroad
Marching Down the Road
His the Pirate – Klaus Badelt Arranged by YoonilAuh
Palladio – Karl Jenkins Arranged by YoonilAuh
Shostakovich Waltz – D. Shostakovich Arranged by YoonilAuh

*Proceeds of the performance are used for students and residents of music education funding in developing countries.

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