Music for One Foundation
Together with Minority, 2015 OACA in Laos

Music for one foundation
Together with Minority, OACA 2015 Laos

The big OACA program event which involved four countries and started from 1st January to the end of February was finally and lastly performed in Laos on February 22(sunday)~27(friday), was conducted at Vang Vieng.
Majority of them knows Korea through Boys over flower program, Laos is very poorest country and has more than 49 minority tribes according to UN.
Our organization also visited vientiane which is 6hours from VangVieng, there a lot europeans tourist however still cutoff from civilization especially it create weak environment for the minority people. In Thailand we did together with school teachers, choir master, vocalists, resignation writter and students of the freelancer choir.

In Laos public schools Art education is not included in the syllabus, therefore this program was more helpful to the people over there. Pengcha(19) said that “most of the children from this village have never even touched camera therefore its difficult for them to get an opportunity for this kind of education.. OACA 2015 program was finally ended in Laos by meeting minority tribe. It started in Myanmar, Cambodia, philippines and lastly Laos. Also in every country that we visited we had more “receiving“ time than “giving“ through various culture and Arts. We sincerely thank you for the warmth time that we spend together, but OACA story doesn’t end here, we look forward in the future as well. Thank you

*Above program was implemented in collaboration with KOREA-ASEAN.






















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