Music for One Foundation

Community Development


Training Program

M4one trains music major students as cultural art experts with the cooperation of the Royal University of Fine arts (RUFA) in Cambodia, as well as the Tumaini University Makumira(TUMA) and The Stefano Moshi Memorial University College(SMMUCo) in Tanzania. We try to improve the environment of musical education and create jobs by dispatching these talented students to the local educational development center or hiring them as junior teachers in university’s group music lessons.


Scholarships and Cultural Arts Education Program


Music for One foundation supports International Music Scholarship Program to foster job creation for the local musicians to promote cultural arts exchange while learning to preserve their music through education. Currently, the foundation supports scholarship fund for Royal University Fine Arts (RUFA) in Cambodia , Tumaini University Makumira (TUMA) and Stefano Moshi Memorial University College (SMMUCo) in Tanzania. The scholarships are given based on the recipients’ need-bases to continue their music education to support local cultural activity and community development. The scholarship is strictly given for studying music at the recipient country, not for study abroad.


Music Education


One of the goals of foundation is to help create jobs for the locals in the field of music and promote on establishing the cultural industry at local community through education. The music education includes classes, instructor workshops, concert tours, and community development projects related to culture and arts development. In addition, foundation utilizes music education to promote the learners from multicultural families in Korea to promote social inclusion in their newly adopted country.

Cultural Ambassador Program(CAP)

하나를위한음악재단_미얀마_OACA_004 Cultural Ambassador Program (CAP) was developed as to continue cultural exchange program of AYCO between Korea and ASEAN. The program is designed to support cultural arts leadership workshops and community concerts in South East Asia nations. The program consists of concerts, symposium for cultural leadership development, and workshops on community development through cultural arts with the locally operated cultural institutes. The purpose of these activities is to encourage the understanding of cultural values through innovative approaches to designing cultural events and community development projects.

CAP activities include but not limited to
(1) conducting cultural leadership program through community development and services;
(2) conducting roundtable discussion with the local musicians for designing creative performing arts projects for community development;
(3) dispatching advanced musicians from Korea to perform and teach music at the local music institutions;
(4) promoting and offering cultural citizenship education for musicians which may take place in either online classes or physical classrooms (promoting social responsibility as a cultural ambassador); and
(5) designing and development of cultural arts exchange program evaluation indicator to measure the impact of community development and social transformation.

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