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재단로고 The Music for One Foundation is a Performing Arts-based humanitarian organization (NGO) dedicated to working with children and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential through music and music education.It was founded in 2005 by Dr. Mijung Im based on a philosophy that the promotion of music fosters connection and builds trust between people. The Foundation believe that music can promote a shared sense of civic virtue and engage people in creative activities that bring communities together.Since 2005, we have internationally supported music activities and music education in China, Cambodia, Myanmar, the Kilimanjaro villages of Tanzania, and Costa Rica. On the Korean peninsula, we have created music activities in the Demilitarized zone area of Korea, in North Korea itself, and in underprivileged communities in South Korea.




Music for one is based on the philosophy that the promotion of music fosters how people learn to co-exist,
connect and build trust. We believe that music can promote and engage people in creative activities that combine communities with civic relationships.



1. Expansion of Music Education for marginalized communities and areas.

Educational Expansion of Domestic Harmony Nation for marginalized communities.
Centralization for cultural alienated communities and Expansion of Overseas Elementary music education.

2. A study of Culture & Art and Activities associated with Regional Development.

A promoting of Community growth through educational activities of culture & art.
A proactive activities and study of culture & art for the effectualness and sustainability.

3. An establishment model as a NGO of Culture & Art.

An establishment the identity and the spread of value as Culture & Art NGO in Korea International development
Cooperation Agencies.
A development of agenda for the justification of Culture & Art.

4. An establishment high-quality cultural activities for peace and ecology.

A formation the organic connection between performing arts and a work of head office.
A vitalization of communication with the public through reflection on social issues.

Music for One Team

General Manager

Dongkwun Yang :


Development Cooperation

Strategy & planning

Performing Arts


Branch Office

Cambodia Office

Andy Seng Menghong :
Tel: +855 77 334 533 Address: #14, Street 360 Sangkat Boeung Keng Kang1 Phnom Penh

Tanzania office

Younsun Lee :
Tel: +255-687-207-933 Address: P.O.Box 6798 Moshi, Tanzania


Music for One Family

▶ Research Institute for Humanities and Arts
▶ Research Institute for Reunification and Cultural Policy
▶ Music for One Cultural Agency



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