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1111111111111953f036f471048cf8a67d4ec4c6672a0  HarmonyNation is a holistic educational program to learn about the mental, physical and social aspects of being human. The Nation is mankind and it is united in Harmony. HarmonyNation is designed to observe and learn from the communication that happens between persons through orchestral activities, using educational techniques. It provides professional training, using specialized orchestra materials developed by Dr. Yoonil Auh. Dr. Auh’s music teaching methods, which were developed at the Akeri Institute in the United States, employ step-by-step guidance that leads, through a qualification process, to development of professional teachers.The HarmonyNation program has shown the possibility of educating diverse student bodies and has established a cyclical structure to make full use of music education through community contributions. This program provides financial support to culturally marginalized people and multicultural families to give them the opportunity to enjoy making and teaching music, by receiving reasonable contributions for membership activity from the general public. It provides music education and public performance opportunities to marginalized communities in domestic and international contexts to help them realize their dreams, and provide opportunity and hope through music.Currently the program is being offered in Korea and Costa Rica. It has a total of 10 centers with 24 instructors in the Seoul region, as well as in Geyonggi and Gangwon provinces, for the general public and families. Also at the beginning of every year, the HarmonyNation Festival is held to show the progress made through music training as a result of the program during the previous year.


Developing Music Education System


hn Music for One is an education System based on the OECD PISA (Program for International Student Assessment) which is an evaluation system of skills needed in life such as problem-solving skills, critical thinking and mathematical ability.Music for One used a special textbook that teaches each instrument in six steps. There are four additional programs for ensemble, chamber orchestra and youth symphony orchestraThe program also sends highly qualified teachers to lead orchestras. The teachers all possess a master’s degree and have completed an Orchestra Teacher Preparation Course that trains them in every aspect needed for an orchestra teacher.




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