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[Overseas] Scholarship Student Becomes Teacher

2016-12-04 12:20



On Nov. 22nd and 23rd, four students from Tumaini University and Stefano Moshi Memorial University have received scholarships from Music For One Foundation's Tanzania branch. They showed their gratitude with a hearty Thank You Letter.

In Tanzania, music education is still unstandardized and unsupported. Students must generally pass certificate and diploma programs in order to even choose to major in music before matriculating. Combined with logistical glitches in the curriculum, students often have delayed learning period and societal integration.


[Proposed path for music students by Music For One Foundation]

Great news is that students who have completed their studies through Music For One Foundation scholarships have been returning to the same universities as instructors. In this fashion, we will continue to strive towards enabling students with dreams of music to build themselves with passion and energy, despite the various difficult circumstances they face everyday.

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