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5th Annual Harmony Nation Festival

2017-01-25 06:22

On January 14th, we held the 5th annual Harmony Nation Festival in Yongsan Art Hall!

Outside was the coldest day of the year; but inside was burning with the passion of our musicians!

Let us take a look at some of the sights from fiery rehearsals and the concert~

IMG_6878-700x467 IMG_7024-700x401 IMG_67601-700x355 IMG_6546-700x396Here we see our musicians playing with great concentration.


IMG_6847-700x399 IMG_6856-700x375Flutists!


IMG_6732-700x360 IMG_6747-700x301


Violins & Violas!


IMG_6553-700x317 IMG_6587-700x271 IMG_6591-700x361 IMG_6693-700x467 IMG_6712-700x467


When all these different musicians and instruments come together into a truly is a festival indeed.


IMG_7121-700x309 IMG_7138-700x455 IMG_7172-700x421 IMG_7274-700x467


Congratulations to everyone!! Thank you all for so much of your hard work and passion. We hope to see you even better next year :)

For more photos:

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