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‘Gift of Music’ Second Workshop in Myanmar

2018-10-03 17:05

The second Gift of Music 'Jazz workshop' was held by the Music for One with the National University of Art and Culture (NUAC) students.

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Professor Goesta Mueller from Austria leaded the Jazz Workshop collaborating with Mr. Moe Naing (Piano), Soe Soe (Drum) and Mr. Pan Htang (Double Bass) from Yangon Music School.

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Firstly, Jazz musicians perform Jazz songs and After the Concert, NUAC students asked questions about Jazz music styles and Prof.

Goesta Mueller answered perfectly. Prof. Goesta Mueller let the Students’ band to play one song for the audience and taught the audience the rhythm pattern with hand clapping.

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Music for One also donates the Music CDs to NUAC Music Department.

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The workshop ended with the last Jazz song performed by students and Jazz musicians.

M4one’s vision for this project is to let everyone acknowledge that music education for all human being. Our children and friends will enjoy happiness through music.

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