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News of the Music for one in Myanmar !

2018-10-03 17:20

Music is a great comfort to us when we are tired and lonely.

Furthermore, cultural art represents the identity of each country, region and nation. It is not only possible to improve the personality and social life but also treating post-traumatic stress in poverty and disaster areas.

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In this respect, music education is also very important. Music for One (M4one) is working on cultural and artistic education to promote awareness of its importance.

In 2011, we conducted a project to support music education in Cambodia and in Tanzania in 2013.

And finally, for now, we are working on a project to develop music education under the name of "Expanding Cultural and Art Education Opportunities through the training of art teachers in Yangon, Myanmar."


Recently, as a result of discussions and working on a project to develop music education, we have signed MOUs with two schools, Thanlwin Private School and Yangon Music School.

And from April 29th to May 3rd, M4one Korean Research and Development Team visited yangon and conducted the project with Myanmar's R&D team.

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We discussed about the overall activity plans and future collaborations.

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Korean research team and the researchers from Myanmar worked together to create music teachers’ manual book. We've also created Survey Questions to develop music teachers’ manual book and elementary school textbook development.


  And then, there was a Music Education Committee Meeting.  In a meeting, we discussed about the project. After that, a small concert was held.

M4one is the theme of the project. Many children and friends will be happy through music.


Soon, Myanmar’s National University of Arts & Culture (NUAC) and M4one, will be working together to make a Music Teacher Training Course.

Please keep look forward to it!

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