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Kilibara's return from Tanzania as an emergency measure

2015-11-02 10:42



Tanzania, home of the beautiful Mt. Kilimanjaro and the vast Serengeti where lions and elephants frolic, is also the center of intense political tension surrounding the recent general election. Last Saturday, Music For One Foundation Tanzania Branch returned home to Korea as an emergency measure.



<Tanzania’s Chadema Party Candidate Edward Lowassa; Image:>


How does Tanzania’s general election pose immediate threats? The Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) party has been the ruling party of Tanzania for 54 years now. Yet the living conditions of the citizens are not improving; the sentiment that it is rather deteriorating is gaining popularity, and majority of the youths are predicted to support the Chadema, the minority party, instead of the current ruling party. The citizens in between ages of 20 and 30 are especially hopeful for Chadema, Nonetheless, the polls of last 25 days showed CCM as the victor with 58% of the votes.




<Tanzania’s CCM Party Candidate John Magufuli; Image:>


However, accusations of voter frauds and annulment of votes are heightening the tension and intensifying the uncertainty. When suspicions of duplicate votes arose in Zanzibar, the semi-autonomous part of Tanzania, calls for a recount or even a reelection filled the scene. Because the aggressions surrounding the voting controversy in Zanzibar can also spread into the Tanzanian mainland, foreigners were pushed to return to their homelands in lee of safety, and so our employees in the M4one Tanzania branch were called back home as an emergency.


Institutions such as Korea International Cooperation Agency, Japan International Cooperation Agency, and other institutional NGOs produced a summons home for all foreigners living within Tanzania three weeks before the Election Day. Flights to Incheon, which normally run thrice per day, were increased to five times per day. In the midst of this emergency, members of M4one Tanzania branch all safely arrived in Seoul on October 23.




<The Joy of Reuniting with the M4one Tanzania Branch Instructors>

However the return home was not simply an evacuation order but a meticulous operation that requires considerable support from all of you. The youths engendering hope and dream together with the M4one education programs are waiting outside the classrooms for the M4one teachers to return to them in Tanzania. We are in great need for support to cover the airfare for flight back to Tanzania and fees for instructional material and instruments for the classroom. For that, we are hosting variety of concerts and cultural events in short duration. We hope that your interest and support can ultimately help reach our goal in returning to the kids in Tanzania.
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