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First Ari Concert of 2016,

2016-02-05 02:58


In welcoming the new year 2016, Music For One Foundation held the year’s first "Ari @ tiny office” concert, “Piano 1, 2, 3…four.”

The concert title, “Piano 1, 2, 3…four,” derives from the format of the concert, where the evening kicked off with a piano solo, then a duet, then a trio, and finally a quartet.

Before the performances, Dr. Im gave the opening words and presented the introduction video about the organization and our current efforts.

Prof. Seo Jae Hee started the evening with the Chopin’s Prelude No. 15, Op. 28. Joining her after was Prof. Sung Min Kim, then Prof. Joo Yeon Han, and then finally Prof. Kyung Hee Lee to perform, respectively, a duet, a trio, and then finally a quartet. The repertoires were hot and passionate, the same way the audience responded for an encore.


After the performances was a ceremony to honor the total donations from the night’s audience members. The total of 1,110,000 KRW was from the donations from the night’s performers, the professors Sang Im Kim, Joo Seon Byeon, Min Young Kim, and Yuk Soon Shim, and the night’s audience members.


The evening ended with dessert and wine session for everyone, and conversations and laughter freely flowed in a welcoming spirit.

Music For One Foundation holds a monthly Ari concert, from which donation money is mindfully used for our charity and education efforts around the world. Continuing into this year, we will regularly send out newsletters regarding the contributions from the Ari concerts. Thank you for your unwavering care and attention!
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