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Second Ari Concert of 2016,

2016-03-09 04:49

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On March 1, 2016, the second installation of our Ari Concert @ Tiny Office was held in our headquarters.

*This Ari Concert was made possible by the generosity of Charm Oriental Medical Center.

The night to do away with both the physical and the emotional distance between the audience and the performers, Ari concert's house concert format turned to be a fantastic setting to demonstrate variety of performances and create a venue for donations that will contribute to our efforts to provide music education to the marginalized communities in Korea.


The concert's title, "Friends," derived from the decades-old friendship shared by the night's six performers. Violinist Do Hyun Kim, pianists Hyo eun Kim, Hyun Joo Park, Joo Hyun Chung, Yeon Gyeong Cho, and Hye Jin Cho, who all met back in their student days, did not limit themselves in companionship and enjoyed the night of fellowship and bonding with the rest of the audience.


A modest wine reception took place, producing pictures of everyone together and new friendships.

Made possible by donations from Charm Oriental Medical Center, the second Ari concert of 2016, "Friends," also saw total donations of 680,000 KRW from the audience. With that, cumulative donations from this year's Ari concerts amount to 1,790,000 KR. All the proceeds will go towards establishing and expanding music education programs in marginalized communities both in and out of Korea.
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