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[2016.05.30] 11th Anniversary of Music For One Foundation

2016-06-08 10:42

May 30th, 2016, Music For One Foundation observed the 11th anniversary of its founding.

The past eleven years, Music For One Foundation was devoted to helping communities overcome oppression, poverty, separations, and pain through music and unity.
Our efforts to promote arts education and citizen development using music have taken us to Cambodia, Tanzania, and other developing nations.

We are continuing our music education programs responding to the priorities of global citizen development, as well as establishing community orchestras and encouraging the interests in the local culture.


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All of the progress we have achieved are made possible only by your generous support and donations, and so our 11th anniversary would only be appropriate if we celebrate it with wholehearted gratitude towards you. Thank you so much for your doubtless belief and relentless support in our efforts, for they have made for an incredible time with the children, the community, and the performers in various settings.

Until the day the musical seeds we planted turn into a great fruit-bearing tree, we will continue to strive towards excellence in doing what you and we believe in.

Thank you.
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