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66th UN DPI/NGO Conference

2016-06-08 11:05


Music For One Foundation recently participated in the 66th UN DPI/NGO Conference held in Gyeongju City. Since 1946, the Conference brought together UN and NGOs around the world to devise collaborative solutions to the global issues. Historically, the event have always been held in UN Headquarters in New York City, until 2008 when different cities around the world hosted it. This year is the first time a host city has been in Afro-Asia region.


Participants were 680 NGOs from around the world as well as 4,300 individuals from governments, academic institutions, and companies. All have gathered to discuss ways to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) that UN established in 2015 as global priority. The specific theme was global citizen development.


Attendees were able to partake in a dialogue concerning the direction of adolescent education in respect to global citizen development. Priority was to secure continuing education for all people, regardless of environment and circumstances, and thus provide the knowledge and the skills necessary for global society.

Music For One Foundation participated in the workshop "Cross Sector Partnerships for Global Citizenship Education" and represented itself as an NGO that employed the music and arts for global education. We presented our past decade of work and experience in the field, and communicated the importance of cultural education in global citizen development.


Through this event, we were able to refocus our identity as an international NGO that is working towards healthy and sustained global education and the importance of the efforts put forth not only by our own organization but also by countless others around the world.

Music For One Foundation will continue to relentlessly work for those around the world that are in need of culture and arts to help with their psychological and spiritual growth and welfare. Our efforts within South Korea and abroad will not diminish in resolution; rather, this event has ever reinvigorated us. Thank you for being on this journey with us and supporting what we do for those in need!
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