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10th Anniversary Celebration, Dubbed

2015-06-08 12:44


To commemorate the first decade since its founding and announce its expanded mission and ideal, Music For One Foundation hosted the Green Concert in the Concert Hall of Seoul Art Center on Saturday, May 30th, 2 PM. The event showcased M4One Chamber Ensemble, a cohort of first-class musicians from around the world, and Choir For One, a synthesis of groups such as CTS Children's Choir and Korean Air Choir.

The Green Concert series was originally named so to bring exposure to the Foundation's work with underprivileged children around the world, for green is the color of children in Korean culture. In the years leading up to this year, however, environmental issues found their ways to be part of the focus of the Green Concert series; 2013 Green Concert sought to raise awareness of the rising sea temperature around Jeju Island. This year's Green Concert, doubling as the 10th anniversary commemoration, solidified that mission to raise environmental awareness as a part of the Foundation's core mission: promoting the health of environmental and social ecology.

In its decade of existence, Music For One Foundation has been the pioneering leader in cultural volunteer programs to various third-world countries, by which social outreach is achieved through music, or "food for the soul" as described by Prof. Mijung Im, the founder of Music For One Foundation. Great numbers of students became budding musicians with unearthed talents, and musical education system in innumerable towns and villages are now established to better encourage the forthcoming generations to discover their talents. On Saturday, however, Music For One Foundation revealed its intention to expand the range of their concern to include their efforts to create existential harmony not only between people and cultures but also throughout the global ecology. The Music For One Foundation now seeks to raise awareness for various environmental issues. The Saturday's concert became an opportunity to engrave that philosophy into the organization's future efforts, that the anniversary concert is led away from a retrospective event and bloomed into a fresh beginning of the organization's new chapter.

By the end of Saturday, the "One" in the organization's name took on a new definition, that suggested the unity of global ecology to include the flora and the fauna just beyond the urban ecology of human beings. This new philosophy marked the night's theme. Under the direction of Prof. Mijung Im, professional pianist and the director of Green Concert, and contributions of renowned performers such as cellist Myung-Hwa Chung, violinist Kyung-Sun Lee, violinist Eun-Sik Choi, and cellist Kang Ho Lee among many, M4one Chamber Ensemble performed Mendelssohn's Octet, Arensky's String Quartet, and Ravel's String Quartet, each of which are particularly praised for fresh yet profound harmonies between players as they are especially required to be attuned to each other's performance. The musicians performed while scenes of nature were projected behind them to drive home the message of harmony imbuing global ecology. As for the second half of the concert, Choir For One, conducted by Hak-Won Yoon, displayed the powerful sound of collaboration between more than 500 singers as different choirs, all with distinctive tone and personalities, came together to sing various pieces. The finale, when the Choir sang the traditional "Arirang," saw the wall between performers and audience members break down as both groups were in tears before the song ended. Several audience members were moved to say that "we really felt with one with everyone else in the hall...the message truly rang as being One with all the life composing our environment."

Saturday's Green Concert was "the end of the beginning" (to borrow from Churchill) for the Foundation; yet, it was also an another beginning. With more public support and wider reach of influence than ever before, Music For One Foundation will continue to put in the best effort with bigger conviction, now with a further developed mission and enhanced ideal.
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