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End of Semester Concert in Preparation in Tanzania

2015-06-26 10:23


Last Saturday (June 20), the Open Student Center, run by Music For One Foundation in Tanzania with support of KOICA, began to prepare for its final concert for the first semester of 2015. Although many hearts were heavy for the ending of the semester, the same students could not contain its smile for the excitement of hosting its own concert for the rest of the community. The concert’s arrangement is unique in that all the instruments are crafted using recyclable materials, by which the students will demonstrate the range of repertoire they had refined throughout the semester. The program aims to stimulate the concert culture in the area by inviting the entire community to the event and exposing the children to the sense of accomplishment after a semester of hard work. Please give your thoughts and love to Tanzania to enable the hour to be that of unity and excitement in music!


 탄자니아 하나를위한음악재단 700700-3

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