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Great Time at M4One Semester Concert with Villagers

2015-07-06 10:37

This past Saturday (june 27) was the end-of-semester concert for Open Student Centre (OSC), an after-school organization run by Music For One Foundation with the support of KOICA. To the children, the concert opportunity clearly raised self-confidence and provided sense of accomplishment in their hard work, and to the village community, it excited the concert culture. Since the early morning, the entire school was galvanized in anticipation of showing its music to the rest of the village. During the concert, the students performed for everyone several songs with dance moves such as “Making a Circle,” “Old McDonald,” “Three Bears,” “One Little Tadpole,” among others. For the finale, everyone sang together the “Welcome Song” and “Jambo Song” to end the semester with tearful joy. Music For One Foundation then delivered hand-made animal headbands to each child, whereupon not only the students but other instructors returned much thanks and signs of joy for the time together. The villagers in attendance reviewed the semester and the concert with thoughts such as that “we were so happy that the children could have a concert like this.” Needless to say, the M4One Semester Concert was a huge success. Now entering the summer break season, the Tanzania branch will focus all its energy into preparing the upcoming semester in the fall. Before everyone comes together again next year, please pray that we will all be safe and sound. Thank you!

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