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Tanzania 'Upendo' Jazz Concert for Children

2015-07-22 10:32

Do you know what "upendo" means? It is a Swahili word for love. Last Friday (July 17), the Music For One Foundation office in Bukchon hosted the Disciples' jazz concert, subtitled "Upendo," for Dong Hwa Park's Tanzania children care. First half of the event saw Park's students in an ensemble, a prelude to the second half which featured Park on contrabass and Kang Hyeon Lee on drums. The audience was able to enjoy the suave lines of jazz while watching the scenes of Tanzania and Park's work with the Foundation there, shown up on the projector behind them. Experiencing the collaborative nature of jazz and seeing the necessity and importance of education together rendered the night powerful and thought provoking. Thank you to everyone who graced the audience seats in the concert and showed hearty support for the efforts of the Foundation for Tanzanian children! *funds will go directly to the children care plan in Tanzania.

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박동화 하나를위한음악재단_6_700

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