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An Audition of HarmonyNation Orchestra in Gyeongju

2015-10-30 10:31


<Phoho of 2014 HarmonyNation Orchestra Festival/ unrelated to this writing>


On October 24th, Music for One Foundation held an audition of HarmonyNation Orchestra at Gyeongju to choose this year’s winners of Youth Character Development Scholarship. The audition focused on children’s proficiency in the instrument of choice, passion for the music, and ambition in what they want to do with music. Perhaps for the unconventional angle of the audition questions, the nervous faces quickly loosened to smile and tell stories of what they want in music.



<Phoho of 2014 HarmonyNation Orchestra Festival/ unrelated to this writing>

“the violin is a messenger for the performer’s heart, so I try to have a good heart,”

“I often dream of performing on stage; I want that dream to be a reality, and live creating music for other people”

“I want to teach in a special school later, and I want to show the kids the sound of my instrument.”


The audition participants are not in the most flattering living circumstances, but they all want to realize a better life through music. This round of audition selected five Gyeongju teenagers, and we are excited for the year ahead of them with the program.


*This program is supported by Kyungpook Division of Community Chest of Korea
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