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A January Letter from Tanzania

2015-01-06 11:25

The end of semester concert took place at Open Student Centrein December 2014. The students sang with their heart and joyful tears were shared. They sang the songs they learned this semester and this is only the beginning of their musical journey.

1. A term-end concert at Open Student Centre
Open Student Centre is an institution which Music for One Foundation provides elementary music education at the site. The end of semesterconcert was held last month.The semester ended successfully achieving its intended goals of education development through music as a core of study. The achievement of this program was marked by full attendance of studentsthroughout the semester; a full support from community towards for education development; developing students’motivation for learning; introduction to media education – learning to learn through the use of various media; musical bodily movement education; and learning to collaborate with their classmates as well as working in a team.


(Students are singing and dancing in coordination … a spirit of teamwork being demonstrated for the community.)


(All students are singing in chorus as the final work at the end of the concert.)


(A group picture of all students after the concert)

2. The 2nd Concert for Moshi local residents
In December, M4one foundation held another concert with a local band in the village.Performed at Moshi Uhuru park with a local band and a cappella team.


(Local band ‘The Moon Jazz’, a music director Hyuk-Jun Oh and music instructor Chan-Mi Kim)

3. A scholarship ceremony at SMMUCo(Stefano Moshi Memorial University College) in Tanzania
Music for one Foundation selectedone of Masai people to honor scholarship to attend University in Tanzania to study music and music education.In December, M4one awarded scholarships to three university students at SMMUCo. This month, Joseph Laiserwas selected as the recipient of the music scholarship from M4one.

Scholarship student Joseph Laiser who is a member of the Masai people of Tanzania is a promising music student at SMMUCo. However, Mr. Liserhad return to his villages because was not able to afford the tuition. Therefore, faculty members of SMMUCo recommended Music for one foundation as a recipient for the scholarship so that Mr. Laiser can continue his musicstudies.The university strongly felt that scholarship will be well used to develop Mr. Laiser’s musical talent and his contribution to music education at Tanzania.


(SMMUCoscholarship students of SMMUCo)
(From left,Prof. Pallangyo, M4one Tanzania local center director Hyuk-Jun Oh, Scholarship student Gladness Munuo, Scholarship student Joseph Laiser, Scholarship student EvarestBalama, Scholarship student Gabriel Mungure, Prof. Mshomi)
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