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Korean-ASEAN Concert on 4, December

2014-11-10 11:19

Songs of Asia

Concert, Symposium and Friendship
Celebrate the Friendship of Eleven Nations with Beautiful Cultural Music on December 4th. 2014


About Asian Youth Choir for One(AYCO)

In December 4th 2014, AYCO makes its debut at KBS Hall in Seoul. AYCO is an international youth choir composed of forty (40) young professional musicians representing ten (10) nations of ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) and South Korea. The goal of AYCO is to promote performing arts and cultural exchange while promoting and preserving their cultural value and to share it globally. It is our hope that AYCO be the gateway for the ASEAN nations to promote harmony and peace through music.

Prior to AYCO’s debut, fourteen days of intense cultural arts and performance symposium will be held in Korea. During the symposium, participating AYCO members will have an opportunity to explore and share their cultural artistic experiences and learn about and appreciate each nation’s unique cultural knowledge and its music, respectively. The members of AYCO were selected through competitive audition and AYCO was organized by Music for One Foundation (NGO) through ASEAN- ROK Cooperation Fund

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